How to take Care of your Pair of Uggs

Are your beloved Ugg boots your wardrobe staple? Do you want to get the most wear out of them? Follow these tips on how to take care of your Uggs, and you’ll be sure to wear them in years to come:

How to take care of your uggs

1. Treat your Uggs with a water and stain repellent
As soon as you start wearing your Ugg boots, treat them with a water and stain repellent. Even before you start wearing them, treating them with a water and stain repellent will prevent any initial staining and will keep dirt from seeping into the material of your boots.

2. Never let your Uggs soak in water
Unless you want water stains, letting your Ugg boots soak in water is never a good idea. It could also wrench your boots out of shape and weaken its adhesives.

3. Never place your Uggs under a direct heat source
Whether it’s a radiator, an electric heater or the sun, especially, placing your Ugg boots under a direct heat source will not only fade the colour of your boots, but make the material dry and brittle. Walking under the sun is harmless, but never store your Uggs under direct sunlight.

4. Never put cleaning products directly onto the boot
When cleaning your Ugg boots, put the cleaning solution onto a sponge or a cloth first. Putting cleaning products directly onto your boots runs the risk leaving splotches or stains on your Uggs.

5. Use a soft-bristled brush when brushing your Uggs
A stiff, coarse or a wire brush will get rid of the dirt, but could also leave permanent scratches and damage to your Ugg boots.

6. Let your Uggs dry fully before storing
Always let your Ugg boots dry fully before you store them. Hastening the drying process and putting them away while they’re still damp could cause mould to form on your boots and damage them.

7. Avoid wearing your Uggs to places or on activities that could scratch, scuff, or dirty them unnecessarily
As tempting as it may sound and as often as it is done, you should never wear your Ugg boots to places or on activities that could scratch, scuff, or dirty them unnecessarily. Uggs aren’t meant to be worn in the rain, snow or on a hiking trip.

8. Wear socks with your Uggs
Wearing socks with your Ugg boots is a good way to prevent odours from developing.

9. Make use of boot shapers when your Uggs are not in use
Boot shapers will help your Ugg boots retain their shape when stored. You could also opt for stuffing your Uggs with plain paper or a rolled towel.

10. Treat your Uggs to professional shoe repair or cleaning service from time to time
If you’re in doubt about how to remove a certain stain or how to clean your Ugg boots, it’s best to take your boots to a professional cleaner.

Use a soft-bristled brush when brushing your Uggs

Article by: Kelly Abrahams

Ugg-licious: When Uggs are worn Right

Ugg boots can go very wrong very quickly and it is important that you wear yours right. Looking comfortable and warm in your uggs can be great when worn with the right clothes.

Here are a few celebrities looking chic, comfortable and warm in their favourite pairs of uggs.

Blake Lively is always on top of her game when it comes to her fashion style. She does not lose her footing in these super snug uggs while on the set of Gossip Girl.

Ugg Australia boots

She looks very happy and that is probably because she feels and looks sooo comfortable.

Michelle Trachtenberg pairs her uggs with a very chic outfit. The black tights and shimmering dress takes her look from just super relaxed to relaxed and comfortable.

Ugg Boots

Michelle actually manages to pair her uggs with a lovely outfit that would look great in heels or leather boots.

Of course, paring your favourite uggs with a pair of classic skinnies is always a winner. You will look smart and comfortable and able to go about your daily business.

Ugg Australia Celebrities

A well-tailored jacket with a little bit of bling here and there, as Eva Longoria has done, can help you not look like you’re not trying. You will simply look like a sensible lady who wants to look good and be comfortable at the same time. Not too much to ask, now is it?

Autumn Delights in UGG Australia Boots

Ladies, as autumn approaches, UGG Australia boots are filling up the shelves of the most exclusive clothing and footwear stores, only to be emptied in record time!  Don’t wait till you step on your first crunchy leaf or feel a chilly gust of wind, get your pair of high-quality Twinface sheepskin UGG Australia boots today, and feel fabulously cosy and chic this autumn.

All UGG Australia boots contain an ultra-soft foam insole providing your feet with out-of-this-world comfort.  This extra-dreamy sheath of foam is covered in a premium sheepskin sock-liner, which naturally wicks away moisture, ensuring feet stay wonderfully warm and dry all through the colder, wetter months.  Similarly, the outsole is pleasantly light and springy, as it is made of patent-protected, moulded EVA.

Let me introduce you to a few top-sellers in this season’s exquisite range of genuine UGG Australia boots.

UGG Australia Mini Bailey Button

Adorable and dainty, Mini Bailey Button UGG Australia boots blend customary Twinface sheepskin with miniature contours and the result is impishly irresistible. Switching from daywear essentials to bold leggings or a sexy evening mini-dress is effortless in an elegantly diminutive pair of original UGG Australia boots.  These sprightly little boots are attractively set off by the unique wooden UGG Australia boots logo button, with its signature elastic-band closure.

Pick out a pair in flamingo pink, raspberry sorbet, jade or sapphire blue for an über bright burst of colour.  They also come in chocolate, grey and black for a more naturally elegant look.  Pair your raspberry sorbet UGG Australia boots with colourful, ornately printed leggings and a chunky cream pullover for trendy daytime casualwear with a pop of yummy colour.

UGG Australia Bailey Charms

Derived from the vivid, vibrant Marrakech culture, Bailey Charms are beautifully embellished with wooden beads, suede tassels and an intricately patterned patch. Twinface sheepskin cuffs reveal the snug fleece-lined inside of this exquisitely decorative pair of classic UGG Australia boots.  Bailey Charms can be found in an array of deep, earthen hues namely harissa, night, chestnut, sand or black.  Pair your Bailey Charms with chunky gold accessories and an autumn-inspired, printed boho-chic mini-dress with long, alluringly flowy sleeves to pull off the perfect in-between-seasons look.  Bailey Charms UGG Australia boots are fashionably versatile, simply detach the tassels for a cleaner look or wear the shafts cuffed down for added casual appeal.  Glam your Bailey Charms up with a flirty floral dress or a pair of snug black skinnies.  One thing cannot be denied when it comes to UGG Australia boots, they are unbelievably adaptable; perfectly finishing off any ensemble with a fashionable flourish.

UGG Australia Bailey Bows

The Bailey Bow is adorned with ultra-feminine, secured double ribbon bows that glam up the back of the UGG Australia boot,  delicately dressing up the essential qualities of the UGG® Australia Classic Collection. Complete with the fabulously buoyant outsole and enchantingly cushy sheepskin insole, fundamental to the stylishly functional UGG Australia boot range. Bailey bows come in classic black and can be paired with a bold black and white striped miniskirt in the day or a racy LBD for a cheeky party look. Bailey Bow UGG Australia boots boast robust structure and layered foam for uncompromised comfort, even after a long autumn night of über hot dancing.

A little Bit about UGG Australia® Boots..

The UGG Australia brand was founded by Brian Smith in Southern California in 1978.  Made of premium sheepskin and designed for the casual, open-air culture Southern Californians embrace, UGG Australia boots were an instant hit on the beach, where surfing and leisure sports were elemental to a spirited, active lifestyle.

It did not take long for the laidback, stylish appeal of the UGG Australia brand to sweep across the ski-resorts and snow-slopes of Mammoth and Aspen as the 1980’s unfolded in all their free-minded splendour.  Aside from suiting a lifestyle focused on invigoration and relaxation, the UGG Australia brand inevitably found an enduring place in the hearts of all who wore these soft, comforting and reliable boots. Celebrities were photographed looking fashionably nonchalant in their UGG boots in the 1990’s, in line with a paradigm shift, as individuals came to see the infinite value in adopting a relaxed, casual lifestyle.

The 2000s would see the love of the UGG Australia boot extending to the east, across the Rockies all the way to the windy city of Chicago, where Oprah Winfrey proclaimed her love of UGG Australia sheepskin boots to the world on her internationally-aired show, adding it to her eminently affirming list of Oprah’s Favourite Things®, and all nodded in absolute agreement.